About Us

‘Innovention’ as the name suggests refers to the name of a museum at Epcot in Walt Disney World, Florida, USA, which is a live example of technical creativity, technical advancement and its practical applications in our day to day life.

The word Innovention is a portmanteau of two words ‘innovation’ and ‘invention’. We have drawn inspirations from its creator and one of the most cerebral innovators of the world Sir Walt Disney.

We have added the word ‘creation’ also to that portmanteau while christening our organisation and this website. The formation of the word for us is by combining the underlined letters from the following three words innovation, invention and creation. We are innoventive, dedicated and committed towards creation of sustainable values and minimisation of value destruction with a humane face for our clients and business associates. Thus we are InnoventioniansTM. We have all good intentions to register this word as a trade mark in India and have initiated appropriate actions.

InnoventioniansTM & Associates provide consulting, advisory and implementation services in functional areas of finance, accounting including IFRS and Ind AS, corporate reporting, business strategies, governance, risk management, IFCR, systems and process development, due diligence, valuation, IT enablement and integration, management development and training, etc.

Our logo reinforces our belief that ‘Customer is the King’ of the battlefield called market and we bring in the light of knowledge and application skill sets for all that are needed for sustainable growth and prosperity of our customers.
We invite and request you to please spare some time and take a tour of this website where we have listed various knowledge based documents, presentations, video-graphed lectures. We shall look forward to all your comments, views and suggestions towards our quest for excellence.