Thoughts on Startups and Their Transformation into Sustainable Business Proposition


Start-up, innovation, disruption, incubation, etc. are some of the wavy words buzzing around us these days. When wind blows through an area, all plants and trees undulates. Similarly, thoughts of many people are also being undulated by those words, at times taking into stormy turn. I am no exception to it. At times I am occupied with thoughts and keep wondering what is happening?

Will enterprising people keep burning cash? In start up space Angel Investors are the ones who provide maximum financial support for ideas to get transformed into business propositions. One or two out of ten succeeds. I questioned myself why not I put together some of my scattered thoughts, which recently I have twitted? Those have been listed below.

Through this wonderful professional platform of LinkedIn let us generate a debate with learning points for the benefit of all concerned with startups.

  • It will be useful for a startup entrepreneur to watch a baby trying to stand up from crawling. Follow the struggling and trying psyche of the baby.
  • Effectively efficient frugality to be the mantra for a startup while aligning vision and mission with operating strategy.
  • Shorter the runway for take-off by a startup better the chance to success, else some other will grab the first mover’s advantage.
  • A startup can’t follow sunflower syndrome to bloom in bright light. Ideas can be commercialised in dim lamp light of innovation.
  • Dream > proof of concept > a market accepted product > generation of surplus is a fulfilling journey. Have to ensure blaze of burnt cash doesn’t scorch away a dream to ash.
  • What an angel investor to a startup is what a single mother to a baby. Need for love is equally important like money.
  • Two key questions for a startup – Market will not spare because it is a startup. Loyalty can only shift only convenience fitting to his / her lifestyle is offered. Include in our product / service feature what he / she does.
  • Strategic cost management minimises value destruction, helps higher capital productivity, and competitive pricing for startups. Do it.
  • Never die attitude is good for a start-up but should be more intensive post establishing marketable proof of concept.
  • The word ‘Hard’ to a startup should mean Highly Addictive Researched Dream.
  • Disruption means minimisation of value destruction for customer through unique product / service features and not grab market share by any means.
  • Customer pays price and receives value, part of which is not measurable in money. Disrupting strategy must target that value to be delivered.
  • Simple success equation for a startup: (Price + Customer’s Convenience) / Price > 1. Convenience = Innovated Product – Traditional One.
  • Scalability to market, post proof of concept, offered at the value perceived by customers can lead to viability for startups.
  • Surge pricing can’t be a solution for a startup like Uber and Ola in a developing or an emerging country. Their demand will fall If a radio-calling facility unites public taxies, like kali-peelis in India. What is their next strategy?
  • Most competitive, sustainable and surviving strategy should be Next-in-class, Best-in-class won’t do for startups.
  • Our realisation of tomorrow are limited by our questions of today.
  • No strategy without in-built in enablers, good governance and regulatory compliance is sustainable. A wrong can’t yield a right result.
  • Digital appeal of a startup is what the look and fragrance of a flower. Generations Y and Z need top of the mind strike in shortest time.
  • Startups can grow to a Fortune 500 if invention is added to innovation to be innoventive. Let’s not forget Edision.
  • Leadership for a startup – Dream conceives, heart creates framework, mind strategises, passion commits, earthly gain drives and brain executes.
  • Say well done to a start-up when it grows into a MNC.
  • Has the word ‘Startupian’ been coined and / or used so far? To my mind India is a nation of fastest growing nation of the world.

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